a journey

A child is born between two empty landscapes, east and west, past and future, and both extend away into a distant haze, obscure and inaccessible, desert and ocean. In their void are infinite images, disorientating memories from other people’s lives, the only landmarks to navigate by.

So begins a journey from the rubble of the east towards the fading promises of the west, traversing a changing world where the hope of something better pulls people closer together into ever greater isolation — and where a sense of belonging relates ever less to the senses.

An ancient forest is torn down with an ancient city. A new wild of bush and bramble sprawls parallel to the concrete towers of a construction boom. A vast field of grain falls silent as voices are drowned out by the scale of an urban chorus. And a willow, washed away in the storm that follows, sends one more shoot into the air and one more root down into the dust.

FORREST is an exploration of the distances between us and our changing habitat, and an invitation to reflect on the many forms of homelessness that may ultimately unite us.

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