Travels Through Absence: Letters from the European City is FREE today on the Kindle and through the Kindle App on various devices! Download now here


Introducing the Dordolla Metro! Alongside Index, this project was developed as a way of documenting old place names and creating interactions with them. Read more here.

Printed copies are available in Dordolla itself. 


"This Year" and "Fallible Horizon" are two poems from many I scribbled earlier this year whilst journeying to the UK. Pleased to add them to the Outscapes project today! Have a read!

"Town/Rural" is a little map I came across when researching Daventry. Couldn't have put it better myself, even in my wildest ______.


First proof copy of the book Index from the Dordolla series ordered from the printers! More information about the book and project here.


Two new works in Outscapes: "Arctic Wind Screen" and "The Great Euphrates, Now Dry, Tomorrow".

What is Outscapes? Click here to read about the various projects themselves.



Here's the first short video for the Outscapes project. It's called "No More Fish". I've also added the poem "Duvet Hush" to the series. 


Outscapes was initiated as a project to home an ongoing series of works that deal with a sense of landscape ostracism, of being outside or isolated from the world around. Most of these glimpses call for second glances, and play with the duality of being within and without landscape. 

These are themes I am often drawn to in my work, and the website provides a platform to play out some of these ideas in a more open and exploratory way.

I've posted a couple of poems and images to kick things off here.


"Oder sprichst du lieber Deutsch?" Man sieht jetzt Travels Through Absence: Berlin auch in deutscher Sprache. Ich danke Marlis Stubenvoll für ihre ausgezeichnete Übersetzung.

Travels Through Absence: Berlin has also be translated into German, this time by Marlis Stubenvoll, a German literature student in Wien.

Many thanks to Marlis.


"Parlez-vous français?I don't unfortunately. But luckily the talented Delphine Olive does, and she has written a beautiful translation for the film Travels Through Absence: Berlin

Delphine is a translator based in Toulouse. Many thanks to her once again for her continued involvement in the Travels Through Absence Project. 

If you enjoy the film and want to see the rest of the book translated, do get in touch using the contact form on the right...

For those who haven't yet seen the film, the original English language version is here.


Busy editing the photography and adding the last details to the maps for the various Dordolla projects. Have posted up some footage of the valley shot back in June 2011 with Krystian Jones whilst work continues...

Here's the link


Here is the first video for the Travels Through Absence project, it is an accompaniment to the Vienna chapter. Let me know what you think!

"...I woke in this bed a week ago, with the crease lines of well-starched linen mapping out irrelevancies across my skin. I studied them as I focused, those precise and unequivocal lines forged into me so deep and yet temporarily. Soon enough they were fading as a dusk, and quickly my private etchings had dissolved into smooth flesh once more, blank, almost, but for some pale hairs and an occasional mole. But I didn't know these moles, nor these arms or legs, in fact nothing seemed to belong to me. And that's when I realised, in panic, numb, that I was all at sea. I couldn't and can't tell you a single thing about me. I woke up and all I could see, beyond the confines of this windowless room, was your face and the city..."


For those of you yet to see the photography for the 
Travels Through Absence project I've posted a new gallery here


The time has finally come to publicly release the HARDBACK edition of Travels Through Absence (Platin Press). 

This hardback edition features an atmospheric prologue, a photographic introduction into forms of absence as recordings of space.

It is only available for now through online order direct from the printers



Bread, Water and Washing Lines is now up on YouTube, you can see it here. This is a little film made back in 2008, hope you enjoy!


The Travels Through Absence project has been moved here from along with all other ongoing projects.


Site now live.